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Jan 31, 10   Ali   Comments Off on Paul Wesley on his ‘Vampire Diaries’ character’s addiction and more

Los Angeles Times by Carina MacKenzie After 10 years as a successful but under-the-radar TV actor, Paul Wesley is suddenly everywhere. Last summer his face was on more than 30 “Vampire Diaries” posters at the Century City/Westfield mall alone, not to mention billboards over seemingly every major boulevard in Hollywood. A Twitter search brings up […]

Jan 31, 10   Ali   Comments Off on Paul Wesley is Stefan Salvatore in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

IESB by Christina Radish In the popular CW television series The Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley stars as Stefan Salvatore, a vampire struggling to live at peace with human beings. In love with Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), a young woman with a striking and undeniable resemblance to the villainous Katherine, who turned the Salvatore brothers both […]

Jan 27, 10   Ali   Comments Off on Paul in VMan

Paul will be in the new issue of VMan which hits stands on Thursday, January 28th.

Jan 25, 10   Ali   Comments Off on Paul Wesley of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is a proud non-conformist

California Chronicle PASADENA, Calif. _ Actor Paul Wesley was often in trouble when he was a teenager. In fact, he was booted out of two high schools in New Jersey, where he grew up. “I was a little bit of a troublemaker, not in a malicious way,” he says, easing his lean body into an […]

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