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Jun 24, 15   Ali   Comments Off on New Stills From Amira & Sam

Added some new stills to the gallery of Paul in his role in the film Amira & Sam. Gallery Links: Paul Wesley Web > FILMS > 2014 | Amira & Sam > Production Stills

Jan 29, 15   Ali   Comments Off on A new trailer for Amira & Sam

Jan 29, 15   Ali   Comments Off on Paul Wesley Explains Why ‘Amira & Sam”s Arab-American Love Story Hit Close To Home talks to Paul about his new film Amira & Sam and what drew him to this story and character. The ‘Vampire Diaries’ star tells us all about his new indie. Over the past six years, fans have grown to love Paul Wesley‘s portrayal of the White Knight vampire with a heart of gold, Stefan […]

Nov 18, 14   Ali   Comments Off on Amira & Sam Trailer

We finally get a trailer for Paul’s new film Amira & Sam. The film looks so good!

Oct 16, 14   Ali   Comments Off on Paul Wesley, Dina Shihabi, And Sean Mullin On “Amira & Sam” & The Beauty Of Improv

“I decided to try to flip the kind of usual story of a vet coming home and loosing his mind, and instead, what if the country lost its mind when the soldier comes home,” writer and director Sean Mullin told about his first feature film, “Amira & Sam.” We sat down with Mullin, as […]

Aug 29, 14   Ali   Comments Off on Drafthouse Acquires Martin Starr Romance ‘Amira & Sam’

Paul’s film Amira & Sam has been picked up by Drafthouse Films according to Drafthouse Films has sprung for Amira & Sam, an indie dramedy romance starring Martin Starr (Silicon Valley, Freaks and Geeks) and newcomer Dina Shihabi as an Army vet and an illegal Iraqi immigrant whose love is put to the test […]

May 30, 14   Ali   Comments Off on Sam & Amira Trailer

Check out the trailer for Paul’s new film Sam & Amira! I know he is really proud of this project!

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