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Jul 13, 17   Ali   Comments Off on Shadowhunters Cast Gushes About Paul Wesley’s Directorial Debut

The cast of Shadowhunters shares with TV Guide about working with Paul as a director. If you were worried about Paul Wesley’s first directorial debut on a show that he didn’t happen to star in, the cast of Shadowhunters is here to put your mind at ease. Wesley’s episode of Shadowhunters, which airs July 17, […]

Jul 07, 17   Ali   Comments Off on Shadowhunters first look: Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley directs

Entertainment Weekly gives us our first look of Paul directing an episode of Shadowhunters. After a trip to the Seelie Queen threw a wrench in Simon and Clary’s relationship when Clary was forced to kiss the man she had feelings for and that man was Jace, it’s fair to say the love triangle is now […]

Oct 10, 16   Ali   Comments Off on Shadowhunters | Paul Wesley to Direct in Season 2

Paul will be directing an episode of Shadowhunters during Season 2! Special shoutout for NYCC! Paul Wesley is directing an episode of #Shadowhunters next season! Don’t miss it on Freeform!

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