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Jul 27, 20 Ali   Vampire Diaries, Video Comments Off on Comic-Con Flashback: Vampire Diaries Stars Drop Truth Bombs (Plus a Couple F-Bombs) About Love in Mystic Falls

As we arrive at the final day of Comic-Con@Home, TVLine has one more blast from the past to share — and this one really bites. (Sorry, our vampire puns aren’t what they used to be.)

Prior to The Vampire Diaries ending in 2017, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and the rest of Mystic Falls’ finest were among our favorite regular guests in TVLine’s Comic-Con suite. We were even fortunate enough to score the cast’s last-ever Comic-Con interview back in 2016. (Hint: It’s the one where they’re all drinking.)

Highlights include: Somerhalder and Wesley bickering like true siblings, Wesley and Candice King sharing radically different recollections of how “Steroline” came to be, and Matt Davis muttering something about a three-way ‘ship between Alaric, Elena and Bonnie.

But upon reviewing all of this old footage, we’d have to say our favorite new discovery is Kat Graham’s incomparable ability to shoot the perfect glance at the camera that just screams, “These people are insane. I’m so sorry on their behalf.”

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