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Oct 28, 16 Ali   Co-Stars, Vampire Diaries, Video Comments Off on The Vampire Diaries Stars Reveal Why Damon and Stefan Should Die

TV Guide talks with Paul & Ian about how they would like to see the Vampire Diaries end for their characters Stefan & Damon. What do you think of their idea?

We have a lot of strong feelings about how we hope The Vampire Diaries will end, but we aren’t the only ones. We asked the cast of the hit CW drama what they imagine their character’s ideal happy ending is, and some of their answers might surprise you.

“I really think [Stefan] should take off his ring and die with Damon,” says Paul Wesley. “I think that would be the perfect ending.”

Ian Somerhalder echoed Wesley’s sentiment, adding that the Salvatore brothers should fly to the Caribbean for their final hurrah. “Just sit on a beach all night drinking Caribbean rum, and when the sun comes up, [share] one last toast, give each other a hug, take off their rings and throw them into the water,” Somerhalder says.

As to why the stars hope their characters get dusted in the final season – thus depriving the world of Delena and Steroline happy endings – Somerhalder explains, “It would be a really great thing for Damon and Stefan to know that they can no longer cause any more harm to anyone.”

For the rest of the cast’s (far less morbid) happy endings, check out the full video! The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 8/7c on the CW.

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