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Sep 03, 16 Ali   Co-Stars, Site, Vampire Diaries Comments Off on Salt Lake Comic Con

Unfortunately for myself and other Paul fans, Paul had to cancel his appearance today at the Salt Lake Comic Con due to illness. I was seriously disappointed but was excited for the chance to meet Paul’s co-star and tv brother Ian Somerhalder.

During his panel Ian talked about his feelings about The Vampire Diaries show ending after season eight. He said, “It’s hard. It’s an amazing journey… It’s a community. It’s a family.” He talked about how close that community of cast and crew has become over the past seven and a half years. He did say that he is dreading the day after the wrap because he will realize that there will be no more craft service or catering and will have to do his own cooking. :o) He also said that while he has loved doing the show he is looking forward to taking a break from acting and keeping his “feet on the ground” since her works 60-80 hour weeks and flies almost every weekend. He and his wife Nikki have started a production company and he is looking forward to focusing on that.

He shared how close he and Paul are, “Paul & I are as close as you can be without killing each other.” He shared how when he and Paul are on set and their characters are drinking that it is really tea and that after drinking for a straight day they would get the shakes.

It was a fun panel and I am grateful for the time I had to meet him. And now on to our last season of The Vampire Diaries!

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