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Nov 19, 15 Ali   Articles, Co-Stars, Vampire Diaries Comments Off on The Vampire Diaries: Will Stefan Convince Lily to Change Sides?

TV Guide speaks with Annie Wersching about tonight’s episode of the Vampire Diaries … sounds like we are going to learn a lot about the Salvatore family!

Thanksgiving in Mystic Falls is not your average holiday. That is, unless your family’s Thanksgiving also involves attempting to convince your mother to kill her boyfriend and unveiling a centuries old family secret. spoke to The Vampire Diaries star Annie Wersching about whether Stefan (Paul Wesley) will succeed in turning Lily against Julian (Todd Lasance), what Lily has been hiding all these years and why she would ever link her life to a complete sociopath. Find out everything Wersching revealed below.

What is Lily’s mindset like going into Thursday’s episode?

Annie Wersching: There was such a violent altercation between Stefan and Julian, where Stefan tried to kill him and then Damon (Ian Somerhalder) got involved and Lily had to break it up. So she still, in general, would like there to be peace overall and for everyone to get along. It’s just presenting itself as a little more difficult than she had imagined. She’s really hoping that Julian is never going to act like that again and she’s hoping everyone can get along. And at the beginning of the episode, her sons invite her over for Thanksgiving, and so in her mind she’s thinking, “Oh, maybe there is a chance that this might work.” But if you think there’s drama at a normal Thanksgiving, a Salvatore Thanksgiving ups the ante quite a bit.

We know that Lily and Julian have decided to link their lives. Why would Lily ever think this was a good idea after Julian had such a violent altercation with her sons?

Wersching: She can tell he’s a little bit off from the way he used to be, as far as she’s concerned. But she’s hoping that the one outburst with her sons, as he promised, will be the only thing that will ever happen like that. And you know, he’s the love of her life and she believes him and that together they can all live happily as one. But now, her sons are angry and they may retaliate, so just to be safe she wants to protect him, because she does love him. We’ll find out whether that was a good choice or not. Lily has not had the best choices in choosing the men in her life, but we’ll see.

What is it about Julian that makes Lily so hopelessly devoted to him?

Wersching: I think Julian and Lily’s love is 100 percent true and real. They really had an epic romance when they first meant. Despite the fact that now he is seemingly off and there’s a little bit more of a violence streak in him, she’s not sure if that’s from being inside the Phoenix Stone or not. For her, he’s still the most epic, big love of her life and very different from her husband Giusseppe, who she had a quite terrible, awful relationship and experience with. Once she found Julian, she actually had a wonderful life for a while.

Are Julian’s feelings towards Lily real, or is he using her for his own gain?

Wersching: They are 100 percent real. Lily is really the only good thing in Julian’s life. The different directors and I had a lot of conversations about Lily and Julian’s relationship and it was made very clear that this is 100 percent real for both of them. There were no plays happening, there was no trickery, there was no manipulation necessarily in the beginning.

How does Stefan go about trying to convince Lily to kill this man she loves so much?

Wersching: His first idea is just to talk to his mom and remind her that she hasn’t had the best past and has been easily manipulated by men, according to her sons. We’ll see some flashbacks in this episode where we get to see Giuseppe and young Damon and young Stefan, which I know will make the fans so happy because they always want to see the young boys. But you do get to see the abusive side of Giuseppe, and in those flashbacks, you see Giuseppe is cruel to Damon. In her children’s minds, she did nothing to help protect them. That’s a big part of the issues between them. But we are going to see a more caring side of Lily and see more of her humanity and learn things in her past are a little more complicated than her sons could know at that time.

It does seems as though Lily has softened a lot over the past few episodes. What do you see being the reason for this change in her?

Wersching: I think specifically at the end of last season she felt so out of sorts without her Heretic family with her. It was just consuming her, this thought of having to get them back, because being with them was really all she knew at that time and that’s what made her feel whole and in control… I think she absolutely has the motherly instincts and love for Damon and Stefan. It just took her a little while to show it.

Lily does have very different relationships with Damon and Stefan. So how will the sons react differently upon learning her life is linked to Julian’s?

Wersching: It’s probably not too hard to guess Damon’s reaction. He’s obviously not showing too much forgiveness or care for her, because that’s how he sees her treating him. Stefan’s obviously much more willing to find redemption in his relationship with his mother. Damon is definitely like, “you weren’t there for me, so I’m done being there for you.” So obviously being linked with Julian goes two very different ways in how the boys see that.

Does Lily feel any regret at being the reason Elena is asleep in the coffin?

Wersching: This is something that was never addressed on the show, but I had to ask questions just for myself. And so in my mind and how I had to justify things is that she was also dealing with Kai in this scenario and I feel like he had an even more dangerous, insane plan for Elena. I think she was trying to play both sides and get what she needed from Kai, get the help with her Heretics, but not completely annihilate Elena and make it so that there would be hope and that she wouldn’t completely ruin Damon’s life, which of course he thinks she has.

Lily reveals a big secret in this episode. What can we expect from that?

Wersching: In the flashbacks, you really get to see the relationship Lily had with Giuseppe and what the boys think and what actually happened to her were two different things. And it’s really been a driving force in her entire motherhood to these boys, her entire existence. You’ll see in these flashbacks pretty much why she did or didn’t do the things that she did.

Speaking of secrets, Valerie still hasn’t revealed the truth about Julian to Lily. Will she learn what he did to Valerie soon?

Wersching: One of the tactics that Stefan uses in this episode to get Lily to believe him about the kind of person he believes Julian is is to reveal the secret that he knows about her would have been a grandchild. Which is obviously a massive bomb for Lily. Stefan tries to say, “Look what Julian did to this poor girl and this baby, which would have been your grandchild. How could you love this man?” And he’s hoping that has a big effect on her, but she still seems to be pretty googly-eyed over Julian.

Some of the Heretics are getting a little antsy being trapped in Mystic Falls. Is it only a matter of time before we see them rebel against Lily’s restrictions?

Wersching: This has been Lily’s issue with the Heretics from the very beginning, except with maybe Malcolm and Beau. I guess mainly the girls. There are some episodes in the future where some choices have to be made and a particular Heretic does not make the choice that Lily would have hoped they would have.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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