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Jul 14, 15 Ali   Co-Stars, Interviews, Vampire Diaries, Video Comments Off on Paul Wesley Reveals Candice Accola Wore Pasties With Ian Somerhalder’s Face on Them and We Will Never Stop Laughing

ROTFL! I love the relationships between the cast of the Vampire Diaries! So awesome!

Vampire Diaries fans, we know should start off this story by telling you what Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley said about the upcoming seventh season when they sat down for an E! News interview during Comic-Con. We are fully aware this is the responsible thing to do.

But guys, Paul Wesley had our entire crew laughing so hard at the vision of what TVD co-star Candice Accola did during a sex scene that, well…It’s hard to focus on anything else right now! Surely you understand.

She. Made. Her. Own. Pasties. With. Ian’s. Face. On. Them. And. Surprised. Paul. During. A. Sex. Scene. !!!

After Paul revealed that his sex scenes with Candice are hilariously and famously “awkward” because he and Candice are such good friends, Ian spilled the beans: “You know when everyone’s nudy, the girls wear pasties. Candice made homemade pasties but with my face.”

“We were doing this, you know, love-making scene,” Paul explained, “and I like lowered the sheets and whatever….And then in the back of my head I was like, is that Ian? And then on the second take, I looked down and I was like WTF? Ian’s staring at me!!”

Candice Accola, YOU ARE A NATIONAL TREASURE. Well done, friend! And can we, um, get a pair? (Just kidding. Ish.)
You must hear the full story for yourself in the video above so you can never stop laughing, just like everyone who heard it in person. Press play now!

And yes, Ian and Paul talk Comic-Con and season seven and Damon and Bonnie and Caroline and Stefan. I did my best to ask some actual questions in between Paul and Ian just being all around awesome and normal and hilarious, as per usual. #Favorites


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