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May 17, 15 Ali   Articles, Co-Stars Comments Off on Brittany Snow Talks “Weird” First Kiss With Paul Wesley

We think having our first kiss ever with Paul Wesley would be awesome, but Brittany Snow — who actually did lose her lip virginity to him — didn’t see it that way. That’s right, the Pitch Perfect beauty shared her very first smooch with the Vampire Diaries hunk while the two were on Guiding Light.

“It was weird because it was on television and it was on a soap opera. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing but he was so sweet about it,” Brittany told HuffPost Live while promoting her new film, Pitch Perfect 2. “We had such a brother-sister relationship, he would tease me so much and we still laugh about it even now.”

Turns out Paul had a secret crush that he wanted Brittany to help him out with, though.

“He was a little bit older than me and he had a crush on Mandy Moore and he wanted me to hook [him] up really badly with her,” Brittany dished. So did she ever make that love connection? “No, but I had pictures of her on my wall and he would just come in and kiss them and stuff like that — just to mess with me. I’d be like, ‘Paul stop.’ We were quite young.”

You can watch the video below the fold and hear Brittany sharing the story!


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