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May 15, 14 Ali   Articles, Vampire Diaries Comments Off on Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley Talk New Romance and a Big Cliffhanger

E!Online’s Kristin Dos Santos spoke with Paul & Nina at the CW Upfronts today and got some scoops.

To watch the video interviews go here.

By a show of hands, who else screamed, “Oh dear God… NO!” at the end of last week’s jaw-dropping episode of The Vampire Diaries? (You should all be proudly waving your hands in the air right now.)

Tonight, our television screens will be graced with Vampire Diaries’ highly anticipated season five finale, and we’re desperate to learn the fate of our beloved Stefan Salvatore now that he has passed on to the Other Side. And we’re worried about the rest of our vampire pack too, of course!

To help prepare you for all the heart-pounding drama ahead, we caught up with stars Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev at The CW’s upfronts presentation on Thursday and asked them to spill as many exclusive secrets as possible. WARNING: We’ve got steamy spoilers on a fan-favorite romance, a shocking cliffhanger and an update on how much longer The Vampire Diaries will stay on the air. Read and watch at your own risk!

Frist things first, when we last saw Stefan he had just had his heart ripped from his chest, before ultimately passing through Bonnie (Kat Graham) into the spirit afterlife. (We’re tearing up just thinking about it!)

So of course we asked Wesley his character’s current undead state, and the actor was hilariously open about Stefan’s recent experiences, “Oh yeah I’m dead, I’m dead—I actually kind of forgot about that.” the CW star said with a laugh. ” Everyone is dead on the show… I’m a new kind of dead.” Wesley revealed that one of the main characters in tonight’s show “goes to a new place.” Whether that place is good or bad, we’ll let you be the judge.

Plus, we snagged great news for all you Steroline shippers out there! Wesley revealed his ideal plan for the vampire BFF’s and believe us when we tell you it is H-O-T! (Spoiler Alert: The words “crazy make-out session” were used!) Check out our full interview with the TVD hunk above for all the steamy finale scoop and why Wesley hopes to say goodbye to good Stefan forever.

Like her co-star, Dobrev offered up an amazing teaser as to what fans can expect in tonight’s finale: “It’s going to have a huge cliffhanger. It gets crazy this last episode. It’s sweet because something happens, and you see some familiar faces, but then we’re going to lose some faces.” the TVD actress revealed.

“We go into an alternate reality and let’s just day, whatever you expect—don’t. Because it’s not going to turn out the way you think it will, it’s actually very sad.” Dobrev added, “I cried when I watched it.” You here that, TVD fans? Better have a few dozen boxes of tissues on hand.

Check out our full interview with the vampire beauty below to get the scoop on Damon and Elena’s newly accepted romance, and the real reason as to why Ian Somerhalder was missing from The CW’s red carpet!

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