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Jan 21, 14 Ali   Articles, Vampire Diaries, Video Comments Off on Paul Wesley Reveals His Favorite Vampire Diaries Episode and Scene (Hint: It’s a Stelena Moment!)

Okay so yesterday we shared an article where Paul shared his least favorite The Vampire Diaries scene and today we have an article from E!Online where he shows his favorite!

Paul Wesley is a complex man.

How do we know this about the handsome Vampire Diaries star? Because of his favorite scenes from the CW hit’s 100-episode long run!

The Vampire Diaries hits its milestone 100th episode on Thursday, Jan. 23, (Doesn’t it look great for its age?!), and to celebrate, we’re bringing you interviews and scoop straight from the Atlanta set.
And when we chatted with Mr. Wesley, he dished on his favorite episode and scenes. And yes, Stefan and Elena (Nina Dobrev) fans, one of the couple’s romantic moments made his list!

But first, fans of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Stefan’s complicated friendship will be happy to hear Wesley’s pick for his favorite episode: season three’s flashback episode, “The End of the Affair.”
“Definitely my favorite episode would be the flashback to the 1920’s,” he dished. “Stefan as a ripper, his friendship with Klaus and all of those diabolical things that he did.”
And one of his favorite moments of the series also comes from that same episode, “where I made this guy drink his own wife’s blood because that was just sick…twisted as they could be,” Wesley said.

But Wesley, as we said is a complicated man, and also revealed his softer side with his other favorite scene from the CW hit’s run.

“When Elena touched Stefan’s face for the first time and he showed her his veins and it was this beautiful moment of opening up to her and him showing her his vampire side,” he spilled of the couple’s tender moment from way back in season one.

Oh Wesley, you total Stelena shipper!

To hear more from Wesley on the milestone 100th episode, watch our interview with him above!

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, Jan. 23, at 8 p.m. on the CW with its landmark 100th episode.

To watch the video go to the E!Online website

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