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May 16, 13 Ali   Vampire Diaries Comments Off on The Vampire Diaries Yearbook: Julie Plec Shares the Six Graduating Seniors’ Quotes and Superlatives!

E!Online spoke with Julie Plec about graduation and she shared the seniors yearbook quotes.

Though most big events on The Vampire Diaries tend to end with blood, tears and a body count, executive producer Julie Plec says she wanted the group’s graduation to be an emotional milestone in the CW series.

“We did really want our characters to be able to graduate and have that moment that I loved so much growing up watching other TV shows where teenagers finally hit that milestone,” Plec previews.

“We get a little bit of both. We get the s–t hitting the fan behind the scenes, but we still get a great glimpse of that nostalgic milestone. These characters, even though some may say they never go to school, I’d say they worked pretty hard to get to this point! It’s a real nice moment, and I always get a little misty-eyed when I see it. It makes me happy.”

And because Plec and the TVD writers room are so awesome, they’ve gifted us with Mystic Falls’ graduating class of 2013’s yearbook—quotes, superlatives and all!

After spending four years with the actors and characters, Plec admits that writing “Graduation” was “a really wonderfully emotional” experience.

“[Coexecutive producer] Caroline Dries and I sat outside my house in the backyard with the breeze blowing and the sun shining and, over the course of two-and-a-half days, split it up and wrote it and shared scenes and acts. It was the easiest time I’ve ever had writing a script because I was just so happy to be writing. Four years, you have to remember—you go to high school for four years, you go to college for four years and then you move on,” she says. “But we just hit that wonderful milestone in the series where we’ve known these characters for four years, and they feel like friends and family, so to be able to write this great finale for them felt really special. In a weird way, it felt almost like series finale, though it wasn’t obviously. We both put that kind of heart and soul into it because we felt like it was that important.”

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Quote: “Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.”—Bon Jovi

“Map out your future—but do it in pencil. The road ahead is as long as you make it. Make it worth the trip.”—Bon Jovi

Superlative: Best Hair

Activity: Varsity football

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