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Apr 01, 13 Ali   Images, Interviews, Style Comments Off on Paul Wesley: I keep it classic

The Belefast Telegraph shared a bit about Paul’s red carpet style that he shared in his interview with Glamour UK.

Paul Wesley likes to keep his outfits “traditional” for events.

The Vampire Diaries actor is not confident wearing too much colour in his wardrobe ensembles and always aims to dress in a non-regrettable fashion.

He hopes he will look back on his choices when he is older and not be embarrassed by his style statements.

“I can’t even wear brown shoes, so although I secretly wish I could wear colour, when it comes to red-carpet dressing, I keep it traditional,” Paul told the UK edition of Glamour magazine.

“There’s no wardrobe malfunction a guy can have unless you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe, or your flies are undone. That’s actually happened, but no one noticed. The aim is to end up with a picture that you look back on in 30 years time, and don’t think, ‘Oh sh*t, what was I thinking?'”

Although the hunk does not religiously follow trends, he is partial to wearing a dapper suit when the occasion requires it. The American star shared the wardrobe essentials every man should invest in.

“Men should own: a good pair of boots – they last forever and you can have them resoled – sneakers, dress shoes, two pairs of jeans, a black and white T-shirt. And I like a pea coat for when I’m in New York and it’s cold,” he explained. “As an investment get a good watch if you can afford it – something timeless and not too flashy. I like sunglasses, the bigger the better, but I lose about a pair a week.”

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