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Dec 15, 12 Ali   Images Comments Off on Glow Magazine Outtakes

Paul is featured in the December issue of Glow Magazine. Here are some of the wonderful new outtakes from this shoot … I love the B&W!

On the pros of working with wife Torrey DeVitto on The Vampire Diaries:
All pros indeed, and we get to be in the same city together which is a rarity these days.

On hanging out with The Vampire Diaries cast outside of filming:
“We all tend to gravitate towards one another by default I suppose, because none of us are from Atlanta. It’s a bit like being away on a 6 year long summer camp.”

On photo shoots:
“Honestly, when I am the subject being photographed, no I do not really enjoy photo shoots at all. But I have a deep appreciation for photography. I’d much prefer to be behind the lens.”

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