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Jul 14, 12 Ali   Events, Interviews, Vampire Diaries Comments Off on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ panel at Comic-Con: We live blogged it! live blogged the Vampire Diaries Panel today. Here is what happened.

Sebastian Roche is in the audience. People are running over to take photos!

3:33 p.m.
Remember, people: The new season premieres Oct. 11! Reel about to be shown…

3:36 p.m.
Reel touts: “To feed? Or not to feed? That is the question.” The ending kicker: “Death becomes her.”

3:37 p.m.
Panel is here: Steven R. McQueen, Zach Roerig, Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, EP Julie Plec, Michael Trevino, and EP Kevin Williamson, who is moderating.

3:42 p.m.
Williamson says they’ve been filming season 4 for a week. And Paul jokes that he hasn’t punched Ian yet.

3:43 p.m.
Julie on season 4: “We’ve been in the writers’ room for a couple of months now. We had a longer stretch to think about it this year…and it feels so fresh. It feels familiar in all the right ways and different in all the right ways.” She adds: “Damon and Stefan will have to deal with that change with her.” Also, graduation coming! “It’s a lot of really good, deep, emotional and twisted stuff.”

3:44 p.m.
Michael talking Tyler season 1: “Even I despised the character!”

3:46 p.m.
Nina says playing Elena and Katherine used to be easy because they were so different — vampire and human. Now, it’s “tricky”: “So how to make them different?…I’m going to be figuring it out as we go along.” And this season “she’s constantly going to be struggling with herself and how she’s never wanted to become [a vampire].”

3:47 p.m.
Ian says this season Damon will be unapologetic because he’s done everything people asked him to do up until this point. “If [they] don’t like it, [they] can go [mouths f-word] yourself.”

3:49 p.m.
Williamson: Will this be the season of Matt?
Zach: It will be the season of Matt trying to stay a human.

3:54 p.m.
Paul’s suggestion for the love triangle? “Salvatore sandwich.”

3:55 p.m.
Zach suggests Matt and Sheriff Forbes hook up. Paul wants to jump in bed with Elijah. They’re joking — we think. Nina wants Katherine to hook up with Elijah. “They can throw each other around!” says Ian.

3:56 p.m.
Nina says she “felt like a bad-ass” doing the underwater scenes in the season 3 finale.

3:59 p.m.
Julie loved watching the candlelight vigil for Alaric. Paul outs Matt Davis and tells the crowd that Matt got tears in his eyes while filming that.

4:00 p.m.
The first audience member who gets up to asked a question complimented the casts’ “hot” EW cover! THANK YOU, FAN!

4:02 p.m.
“Katherine will not show her face until Klaus is no longer a threat. We’ll see when that is.” says Julie

4:03 p.m.
Second question was almost censored, and the cast is NOT happy about it. They ask the person in charge to not do it any more. “This is why we flew here and this is why they lined up and waited,” Ian says.

4:05 p.m.
Elena’s transformation was initially pitched as part of season 2. That’s why Julie knew the studio would be okay with making the movie in season 3.

4:07 p.m.
Julie on Alaric return: He definitely has permission from his other show (Cult) to appear. “We certainly don’t like living in a world without Matt Davis in our family. So it’s possible.”

4:08 p.m.
Julie on who Esther, the Original Witch, learned from: “That’s a big question we’re going to be asking this year.”

4:11 p.m.
Ian on the love triangle after Elena’s transformation: “[She’s] going to need help from [Damon and Stefan], and I think the three of them are quite possibly going to learn a LOT about each other. It’s going to be an interesting process.” Paul adds: “We can have vamp sex, which lasts half a second.” He then made a sound to accompany it.

4:12 p.m.
Julie says we will not be meeting Kitsune twins from the books this season. But we will be seeing more Meredith (Torrey DeVitto).

4:14 p.m.
A Hunger Games question!! In the arena “who would you kill first and who would you kill last?” Steven says he’d gang up against Zach because apparently he can hunt turkeys. Nina and Michael say they would team up with Zach because he can hunt. Zach = Cato?

4:15 p.m.
Panel over! Thanks for playing. Stay tuned to for more Comic-Con fun! The Vampire Diaries cast will also be stopping by our live studio a little later. Keep an eye on our homepage for that!

Sounds like we have a good season ahead of us!

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