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Jul 25, 12 Ali   Interviews, Vampire Diaries Comments Off on Paul Wesley On New ‘Vampire Diaries’ Love Interest: I Think It’s Open Season! spoke with Paul at Comic Con about the new season and the possibility of a new love interest for Stefan.

So Stefan has a whole new reason to be mad at himself this season.

Paul Wesley: To be guilt-raided and cry. To cry like a little baby! Yes!

Have you cried yet this season?

Paul Wesley: I’m constantly crying, I’m going to cry right after this interview. Um, I cry every time Stefan leaves the dark-side and goes to ‘good Stefan’. I want him to stay as the ripper. I love it. I’m hoping that the guilt turns him into the– I’m hoping the guilt of what he — what happened — makes him hate himself to turn to ripper Stefan. Yeah!

You think there is a potential…

Paul Wesley: Ask Julie Plec! Convince her!

Sending her flowers?

Paul Wesley: I know. I’m, like, wooing Julie. No, I don’t know if that’s going to happen, because I feel like Stefan had his season 3 ride of darkness. I think season 4 is going to be more of a grey-zone.

In terms of his guilt, I’m sure Damon’s not helping with that.

Paul Wesley: Yeah, Damon’s throwing it in his face. We saw in the little teaser, he was like, ‘now we have another quarterback,’ you know. He always gets his snazzy lines. Um, yeah Damon’s definitely sort of, now walking around thinking that he’s the — ‘Hey, if you were me, I would have done this.’ — and he has valid reason, it makes sense, you know. Yeah, and you know, I think it’s important that the audience knows, and I have to know, as an actor why would I leave her down there. You know, the whole thing is I didn’t mean for her to die, I was just grabbing Matt first, ’cause that’s what she wanted. He was going to come get her, but… Oops! *Laughs* Oopsies! She’s dead!

What will this mean for Stefan and Elena? Because Elena did choose Stefan, but he doesn’t know that.

Paul Wesley: Well yeah, he doesn’t know that, and also, now that this [Elena turning] happened, who knows if her choice is valid anymore. I think due to the circumstances and the fact that she now remembers everything, I think now her choice can be a bit skewed in a different direction. Which means maybe Stefan will have a new romantic interest!… A hot dude.

While on that subject, how long until we see…

Paul Wesley: On the subject of hot dudes? Klaus. Well said. I don’t know, I’m hoping they bro-it-out and bromance-it-out. Get wild, you know? Get sexy with each other. I’m hoping that they get sexy with each other! My wish for season 4 is for Klaus and Stefan to get sexy.

Generally, do you think there is an opportunity for him to have another love interest? We’ve never seen another one.

Paul Wesley: You know what, I do think there is. In all seriousness, joking aside, I do think there’s a possibility, because now that Elena and Damon have feelings for one another, I think it’s open season! Open hunting season! For him to find willing victims.

What else [are] you hoping for this season?

Paul Wesley: Hoping for? In all honesty, unexpected. I’d like Stefan to be unexpected. I’d like him to be spontaneous. I want him to be the hero that takes the path of less– a less traveled path. I don’t want him to be the predictable ‘good guy,’ I want him to be the good guy who does noble things, but in a twisted way. And I think all great heroes in stories and films are always a bit flawed. So, I want him to be flawed.

What do you think his reaction is going to be when he finds out Elena’s a vampire, because you had the whole, you know, you and Caroline, and you helping her through that transition. But now it’s Elena.

Paul Wesley: You know, I don’t know. Maybe he won’t be attracted to her as much, because she’s going to remind him of himself. I don’t know! We like the opposites! Men like the opposites! Well now, she’s like– he hates himself, because he’s a vampire, right? So, I don’t know, maybe he going to project. Lot of projecting in relationships, you know? I’m like a relationship guru, guys. I can tell you all about relationships between vampires and humans. No, I don’t know. I have no idea. I hope that they can do dangerous activities together, because mortality is not an issue.

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