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May 11, 12 Ali   Co-Stars, Vampire Diaries Comments Off on Nina Dobrev Understands Elena’s Decision On ‘Vampire Diaries’

If you haven’t watched last night AMAZING season finale of The Vampire Diaries I recommend waiting to read this article that was posted on

‘Diaries’ star tells MTV News about her character’s game-changing decision on Thursday night’s season finale.

As the episode, titled “The Departed,” came to a close, a tear-filled Elena told Damon that while she cared for him, her one true love is his good-guy brother, Stefan.

“I understand why she made the decision,” Nina Dobrev told MTV News about her character Thursday night in New York. “I respect her decision, and I think, having seen the last three years, what’s happened in her life, everyone will also. They may not be happy, half the people will not be happy regardless, but they’ll get it, and it’s her decision at the end of the day.”

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