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Mar 16, 12 Ali   Vampire Diaries Comments Off on Watch with Kristin: Spoiler Chat Daily: Vampire Diaries Death at the Dance?

In today’s Spoiler Chat Daily Kristin Dos Santos catches up with Paul for some decade dance scoop!

Vampire Diaries fans, can we all ask ourselves an honest question? Why does Mystic Falls continue to have decade dances when all that happens is death, blood and more death?!

Oh, that’s right. They do it because it entertains the hell out of us. And it looks like the next decade dance on TVD will be no different. But will it truly be deadly or will Elena and Co. finally get a normal evening? (Yeah, right!)

Casey in Middleton, N.J.: Any scoop on the upcoming decade dance on The Vampire Diaries?
What goes better with dancing and decorations than death?! “These dances are so funny. They’re dances and they all serve as a backdrop to murder,” Paul Wesley teases. “It’s like, ‘We’re going to dress you up in an extravagant period costume that no high school kid would ever have and have some vicious murder!'” While some would find the prospect of someone dying at a high school dance pretty traumatizing, Wesley say he’s gotten used to it. “There’s always this general air of naïveté going into these dances. It’s like, haven’t we learned? You know what happens,” he says. “It’s like any horror film. It becomes kind of hilarious at a certain point.” Gotta love Wesley’s sense of humor!

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