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Jan 05, 12 Ali   Co-Stars, Vampire Diaries Comments Off on Kat Graham Dishes on Tonight’s OMG Return: “We’re Gonna Come Back Hard!”

Kristin Dos Santos from E!Online did an interview with Kat Graham (Bonnie) about tonight’s episode and I have a feeling this episode was going to be worth the long wait we had! Kat talks about getting to work with Paul! We like anything Paul or Stefan related!

Finally. The Vampire Diaries is back!

And in case you’re wondering, tonight’s episode does contain that romantic OMG moment I hinted at weeks ago, along with some fantastic stuff for Bonnie (Kat Graham). Say it with me now: Holler.

We chatted with Kat herself, who promises tonight’s episode “so great” you’ll be “sitting in front of it like [the show] never went away…We’re gonna come back hard!” So what about her relationship with Jeremy? Her mom coming into town? And a possible rift in her friendship with Elena (Nina Dobrev)? Read on…

First things first. Without revealing too much about what goes down tonight, you should know that Bonnie and Stefan will have a lot to do with each other, and that’s something Kat is supremely happy about. “I was like, ‘Oh yay, I get to work with Paul [Wesley]!’ And then I started really thinking about how the character might feel…” And the repercussions on her relationship with Elena. Kat says she knows how the new Stefan-Bonnie development will affect her BFF-ery, but says coyly, “I’m not telling you!” You know what that probably means: Some shiznit’s gonna go down, people. At least, that’s our guess.

Also in the troubled-relationship zone: Bonnie and Jeremy, who already are on the splits, and have yet another (greater) obstacle coming their way. “She is going to be forced to deal with her feelings about him [spoiler omitted—we can’t say!] and what that means to their relationship, if they still have a relationship or where they’re at.”

We’ll soon meet Bonnie’s mother, and Kat tells us she’s “like a kid in a candy store” to be getting this backstory. “[Bonnie’s] mother was out of her life for 15 years and…her father didn’t really want to be involved in any of this mess. They’ve still yet to introduce him so them bringing in the mom before the father is for a specific reason and it really makes sense for the storyline and what they need right now.”

When asked what she’d like most for Bonnie this season, Kat doesn’t hope for a Jeremy/Bonnie reconciliation or Bonnie/Damon hookup (more on the future of that in the next chat, Bamon fans!), she just wants a nice, juicy, stake.

“I want to see Bonnie stake someone!” Kat tells us. “She’s never staked anyone, she’s kind of like done the energy thing, or she’ll move somebody here or give them migraines, but I would love to just stake someone.”

At the top of the list? “Klaus!”

Get in line, sister.

Cancel your evening plans and get ready: The Vampire Diaries returns tonight on the CW.

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