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Oct 18, 11 Ali   Interviews, Vampire Diaries, Video Comments Off on ‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Paul Wesley Admits He Wouldn’t Mind If Evil Stefan Stays

MTV interviewed Paul at the Scream Awards and he talked about how he enjoys playing the new version of Stefan.

If you’re a bad boy-loving lady like me, hopefully you’re enjoying Paul Wesley’s excellent portrayal of “evil Stefan” on “The Vampire Diaries” as much as I am. Not that I didn’t also enjoy the sweet, sensitive, knight-in-shining-armor Stefan we were introduced to, but Paul is doing such a good job being bad. You can just tell he’s having fun with it.

When MTV News caught up with Paul recently at Spike’s Scream Awards (which air tonight), I asked him when or how Stefan might be able to redeem himself, as well as how long we can expect evil Stefan to stick around.

“Maybe never, I don’t know,” Paul said of his character’s possible redemption. “I guess in a romantic story like this he eventually has to be [good again], but I think it’s fine if he’s not.”

So you’re enjoying yourself, with no end to his evilness in sight?

“Oh yeah. I can do like an entire series [as evil Stefan]. People always talk about Angel [from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”]. I’ve never seen the show, but apparently that’s what happened with him. He went bad, and I totally understand why he did his own series bad because it’s so much more fun, and I would do it in a heartbeat.”

[Nerdy “Buffy” fan/writer clarification: Angel (David Boreanaz) spent just a season doing the evil thing, then later got his own series where his character was mostly good.]

Finally, I asked Paul what he’s enjoying most this season, outside of evil Salvatore, obviously.

“I really like the idea of it being the year of the Originals,” Paul said. “I really love the cast that plays the original vampires, all of them: Claire Holt, Daniel Gilles, Joseph Morgan. They are really, really solid actors and really nice people. So I hope they stick around for a while.”

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