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Oct 13, 11 Ali   Co-Stars, Interviews, Paul, Vampire Diaries Comments Off on Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan Discuss Their Vampire Diaries Bromance

TV Guide did an interview with Paul & his co-star Joseph Morgan! Great read!

Sure, Elena (Nina Dobrev) is growing closer to Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Caroline (Candice Accola) is cozying up to Tyler (Michael Trevino), and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) is bonding with Bonnie (Kat Graham), but the couple we’re really digging is sexy vampire BFFs Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan). And just wait till you see the bloody damage they do on this week’s episode. But first, the actors talk about relationships, redemption, being British and playing bad.

TV Guide Magazine: You wreak havoc so well together. You were buddies before Joseph joined the show, weren’t you?

Wesley: We met through friends and immediately had a good rapport. Joseph’s a really cool guy and so when I was talking with [executive producer] Julie Plec about Klaus, I said, “You have to look into this guy Joseph Morgan.”

Morgan: I wondered why Julie told casting to call me!

Wesley: And six months later I heard he was cast.

TV Guide Magazine: Your characters are murdering their way through America, trying to build a hybrid werewolf-vampire army. What’s it like to collaborate on such intense, blood-soaked scenes?

Morgan: Klaus really just wants companionship with someone as dark, if not darker, than he is, so the more we delve into Stefan the Ripper, the more fun we have.

Wesley: What’s cool, too, is that our characters have this history. Stefan just found out that he’d been compelled to forget that Klaus and he were pals in the past. It’s completely shocking to him, but it makes him see Klaus not just as this archetypal evil guy. He’s suddenly a guy that Stefan empathizes with.

Morgan: I’m so excited to see how far Stefan will go. I wonder whether he’ll surpass Klaus in his evilness.

Wesley: I’m all for that!

TV Guide Magazine: Sounds like you’re having a blast playing Ripper Stefan.

Wesley: It’s like a weight is off my shoulders, honestly. I was getting down on Stefan in Season 2. He needed to show some more flaws. You never saw him enjoying himself because he was always protecting everyone. So it’s nice to not have this oppressive air of him always needing to do something the right way.

TV Guide Magazine: But how bad can Stefan go before he can’t be forgiven? He’s supposed to be the show’s romantic hero!

Wesley: Even when he’s so far gone that you think there’s no way we’re ever going to like or trust this guy again, I still believe the writers have the capability of redeeming him.

Morgan: Damon’s been forgiven. For a lot. But with my character killing Aunt Jenna [Sara Canning], I do wonder if there is any redemption there.

Wesley: I think it’s very simple to redeem you.

Morgan: You’ll forgive me?

Wesley: Yes, but I’m biased.

TV Guide Magazine: This sounds like a real bromance.

Morgan: It’s sounding a bit suspect. We need to tone it down!

TV Guide Magazine: Will this be a long-term relationship?

Morgan: I don’t think someone’s going to pop up and re-compel Stefan next week and everything goes back to normal and he’s with Elena. Like in every relationship, it will get more complicated and build more layers. I am excited to see where it goes.

Wesley: Am I going to get an Episode 13 breakup text from you?

Morgan: I won’t do it by text.

TV Guide Magazine: In between the killings, can fans expect any romantic interludes for these guys?

Wesley: When there’s so much evil to do, there’s not a lot of room for really emotional, visceral romance. What do you think, dude?

Morgan: I wonder how Klaus would react to a romantic interest. He is an absolute self-involved egomaniac. But at least he is protective of his sister Rebecca [Claire Holt], so that’s been a nice change.

TV Guide Magazine: Julie Plec suggests that Klaus wasn’t born evil but that his parents just didn’t love him enough.

Morgan: Yeah, he’s the product of a dysfunctional family. The father of his siblings isn’t his father — his mother had an affair with someone from a werewolf bloodline. So there’s always been that feeling of not being loved as much as his siblings. He carries his entire family around in boxes. I love that. He’s killed them all but he wants to keep them close. Now he wants Stefan and this hybrid army to be his new family, to replace the love he’s missing.

TV Guide Magazine: But Stefan is keeping something pretty big from Klaus, the fact that Elena did not die during the sacrifice.

Morgan: [That secret] needs to come out if that friendship is ever going to progress.

Wesley: Every relationship is about trust, Klaus. Otherwise we have to break up. [They laugh.]

TV Guide Magazine: Has Stefan found out about Elena and Damon’s growing closeness? What will he do?

Wesley: He suspects. But the more he gives in to his Ripper ways, the less concerned he is. The further he is from Elena, the further away he is from his humanity.

Morgan: Stefan and Elena needed to be pulled apart; we had to see more turmoil. Also, there is a big Damon and Elena team out there rooting for them to be together.

TV Guide Magazine: At some point, doesn’t it seem that Stefan will have to choose between Klaus and Elena?

Wesley: If I had to speculate, I would think that would be a compelling and dramatic way of kicking off the story. Or maybe something will happen to Klaus.

Morgan: [Laughs] I don’t know how much I would fancy Klaus’ chances. But there’s always going to be that connection between Elena and Stefan. So maybe eventually, that will win. Won’t it?

TV Guide Magazine: Romantic! This is your first American series, Joseph. What kind of tips did you give him, Paul?

Wesley: I just told him not to be so damned British! None of that “cheerio” crap.

Morgan: So I try to put as many cheerios in as I can.

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