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Oct 05, 11 Ali   Charity, Paul Comments Off on Paul & Torrey Support Global Roots

I am so excited to share this … Paul & Torrey are asking for your help in supporting an organization that they care about. The organization is called Global Roots. Paul & Torrey are asking for your help with a small donation to Global Roots … read more about the organization and how you can help below!

Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto, two rising stars in Hollywood, are the newest volunteers at Global Roots. Paul and Torrey met Global Roots founder Rick Montgomery when they were traveling in Italy and a friendship was immediately forged.

“I am very impressed by Paul and Torrey,” Rick wrote after meeting them in Gubbio, Umbria. “Most young stars care only about the advancement of their careers. I knew right away that Paul and Torrey are different. It doesn’t surprise me at all that they found each other in Hollywood and that the message of Global Roots is one that resonates with them. They are just the kind of high-powered, deeply spirited young people we need to spread the Global Roots message”.

Rick was impressed even further when he learned that Torrey DeVitto is already deeply involved in philanthropy (she is active with Hospice International and her father, the former Billy Joel drummer Liberty DeVitto, has been giving back for years) and that Paul has just been waiting for the right philanthropic opportunity to come his way. Running into our founder in Italy was about as organic as it comes.

Paul shared why he wants to help Global Roots …

Every day, I have to remind myself that I was born into a seemingly arbitrary circumstance which has allowed me to live a happy, healthy, and abundant life. But I’d be completely and utterly ignorant if I were unaware of how lucky I am. And how very different it all could have been. Every single second of every day, an innocent child is born into a given circumstance that does not grant them the same opportunities many of us have been luckily afforded.

To those children, a life of famine and poverty is nothing but the norm. It is our duty to always remember this. And most importantly, to do everything we possibly can to help those who are in need. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to become more charitable in a focused and organized effort, and I organically and fortuitously stumbled upon “Global Roots”. I am very proud to be a part of this program and my sincere hope is that more people will too.

Here is what Paul & Torrey want to do to help …

We are currently raising funds to launch more children’s gardens and care centers in places on the planet where children are suffering the most. With a donation of just $10 one lucky fan will be able to sit next to Paul and Torrey this December during a special fundraising dinner in LA. If you win the draw, all of your expenses will be paid including flight, hotel and ground transportation. If you are under 18, your parents will be welcome but they will need to pay for their own expenses. Hey, that’s the cost of being a loving parent!

To give back all you have to do is ….

Send a $10 check to Global Roots (address below) and your name will be put into the hat that Torrey will draw from on November 5th. The December dinner event in LA will be videoed and the winner will be posted on this page!
Global Roots
PO Box 28416
Portland, OR 97228

Or, to submit donations online with Paypal.

If you make a $100 tax-free donation to Global Roots your name will not only be put into the hat, you will also become a full member of Paul and Torrey’s Corner. Your name will be listed on this website and you will receive occasional newsletters and emails from Paul and Torrey’s corner.

To learn more check out Paul & Torrey’s page.

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