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Sep 28, 11 Ali   Co-Stars, Paul, Vampire Diaries Comments Off on The Roaring ‘Vampire Diaries’: Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev weigh in on Stefan’s new swagger

Once again Carina Adly Mackenzie from Zap2It has a great article up about Paul and The Vampire Diaries.

There’s nothing we love more than a good “Vampire Diaries” flashback, and in Thursday’s new episode, “The End of The Affair,” we’ll get some new insight into Stefan’s jolly 1920s murder spree. In fact, Stefan himself may be in for some surprises.

When we were on “The Vampire Diaries” stages in Atlanta recently, we set up our camera in the swanky new speakeasy set. It’s been de-glammed a bit for the modern day scenes, but from what Nina Dobrev tells us, “TVD” is doing 1920s Chicago in style.

“Getting to come to set and watch everyone in their costumes, and the way the set transforms — it’s just absolutely stunning,” she tells us.

She wouldn’t dish on whether Katherine would make an appearance in the flashback scenes, but since we know she did her fare share of Stefan stalking over the years, we’re going to imagine her lurking in a corner regardless of whether we actually see her on screen. So there, Nina!

Paul Wesley says that Stefan has a whole new swagger in the 1920s. “Absolutely! Completely. 1860s Stefan and 1920s Stefan are completely different, because 1860s Stefan is much younger. 1920s Stefan is 60 years older, so, you know, it’s going to be interesting because he has 60 years of choices that he could’ve made. He chooses to go to the ripper side. He’s a much more sophisticated ripper; much more debonair.”

Executive producer Kevin Williamson hasn’t held back in his praise of Paul’s performance — he’s even tweeted about how great the dailies are. Ever humble, Paul agrees that this is his favorite season so far — but there are some challenges.

“Putting on these new shoes, so to speak, of Stefan, is different. Doing a scene with the characters that I’m used to doing scenes with from [Seasons] 1 and 2, you have a disposition and a certain dynamic with them as actors. It’s interesting for me to approach something differently and look at a character that I’ve known for two years in a completely different way,” Paul says. “For example, with Damon. [Stefan’s] not even remotely intimidated, not even remotely impressed.”

As for Elena… we’re starting to worry about her. Judging by the clip released, she still hasn’t quite processed the extent of Stefan’s crazy. This episode may change that. “Everyone has a dark side, and everyone has good and bad within them, so she sort of dismissed it, if you will,” Nina says. “And now, in Episode 303, she starts to learn about his past and learn about what kind of person he was and his lifestyle choices. I’m gonna tell you now – they weren’t good. They were not good. It’s kind of scary, but she’s also sort of in denial… she doesn’t want to accept it.”

We’ll have more scoop from Paul and his partner in crime, Joseph Morgan — plus a little dish from Ian Somerhalder about Damon’s 1920s whereabouts — tomorrow morning.

Until then, tune in to our video below to hear all about Paul’s proposed Klaus-and-Stefan spin off. “It’s like ‘The Odd Couple,” he pitches. “We’ll be living in an apartment. Stefan’s the messy one. Klaus is like… ‘Use a coaster!'”

Here is a video clip of the interview:

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