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Sep 01, 11 Ali   Vampire Diaries Comments Off on Kevin Williamson talks TVD Season 3

Collider did a great interview with The Vampire Diaries Executive Producer Kevin Williamson … read the dirt below:

Question: What will be going on with the supernatural mythology of The Vampire Diaries in Season 3?

KEVIN WILLIAMSON: In the first half of the season, I think we’re going to really enjoy Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and him being not only an Original, but the bastard child of the Original Family. Now, he’s a hybrid and he’s lifted the curse. It will be watching what he does. He has a whole plan behind it all, and Stefan (Paul Wesley) is part of that plan. He sets his plan in motion in the very first episode, and we play that out for a while.

Will viewers get to see much of Klaus’ life and family?

WILLIAMSON: That’s the idea. We have so much story to tell, with regard to what’s happening in Mystic Falls and the little road journey that Klaus and Stefan are on, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) attempt to save him, and what Klaus is actually up to, that I’m not exactly sure how much of the original family we’ll get to, but you are going to meet a few of the original families. Hopefully, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) will return, at some point. We have no set plans yet, but we love him so much that we definitely want him back. There are so many characters and storylines that are rich, but we’re hoping that, as the season progresses, by the end of the season, it will all come together. We have a bunch of loose threads right now. Julie [Plec] and I worked out this master plan that ties it all together, but it’s a mythology, so it’s chapter by chapter by chapter. By the end of the season, it will all make sense.

You have so many twists and turns and big reveals, in almost every episode. As the seasons progress, does that get more and more difficult to do?

WILLIAMSON: It does, if you sit around and try to think of twists and turns. I won’t let the writers do that. What we really need to do is focus on the character, the character’s behavior, the choices they make, their desire, their want and what they’re after, and tell a compelling emotional story. If you tell an emotional story, then the twists and turns just reveal themselves. They really do. Once you have the emotional journey, you can go back and re-engineer how you tell it to create the twists. I know where I’m going to end up, so I’ll just throw in the other element that makes it all amiss. It’s the fun of the show. It’s fun for me because I feel like reading all those paperback mystery novels when I was a kid has finally paid off.

Relationship wise, what can you say about Season 3?

WILLIAMSON: The fun is the obvious, which is Damon and Elena’s relationship, and how it progresses in the pursuit for Stefan and trying to save him, if he can even be saved. Damon is being thrust into this role of hero now. We saw it happening in the second season, and it’s a role he’s not good at or comfortable with. A man can only save so many people before he’s gonna flip. My favorite part of all this is writing Damon and watching him be this reluctant hero who is one step forward, three steps back. “I save you, but then I kill three people.” It’s going to be that kind of conflict, constantly, for him.

Now, he’s friends with Elena, and Elena is there saying, “It’s not okay to kill people. You can’t do it anymore, or I’m done.” But, it’s his nature. It’s who he is. So, he still battles a lot of that, and also his romantic feelings for her. And, she’s going to be faced with what Katherine said at the end of the show, which is that it’s okay to love both of them, because it might not be. Not for her. That was Katherine’s choice, but it may not be Elena’s choice. That’s going to be the rest of our series. It’s that one line she uttered. She does love both of them, but it’s what she does about it. You can love a lot of people, but it’s the actions you take. It’s going to be her turn, which I’m so excited about.

To read the entire interview go here.

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