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Jul 29, 11 Ali   Interviews, Vampire Diaries Comments Off on The Hollywood Reporter Shares Details of TVD Season 3

Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec talk with The Hollywood Reporter about Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries.

“One of the first things that I want to see is Klaus, and where is he and where is he with Stefan and what are they up to,” Plec told THR while in San Diego. “As we sit here, we’re shooting that scene right now at a very, very, very rural farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere. And it’s the opening of the season. That’s all I can say: Farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Dark. Hot.”

“It’s the scene in the teaser: Damon dies,” Williamson joked.

But back to the serious stuff. “We have an opening that’s been inspired by our pilot opening sequence and other things,” Plec said coyly.

With Vampire Diaries entering its third season, Williamson had one scene he’d like to see — that hasn’t been written yet.

“The one thing I do want to see filmed and I’ll say it because it hasn’t happened yet and it may never happen,” Williamson said, “but I do want to see — and I will go on the record to every Stelena fan in the world — I do want to see Damon and Elena get it on.”

“Yes,” Plec said before laughing. (“No comment and no timeline” was her response when prodded for more details.)

“It’s one of these things where you have to earn it,” Williamson said. “When I say that, it doesn’t mean it’s reality. It’s just what I want to see and I know, it may not happen.”

He added: “I know right now that’s not where we are. Right now, Damon has to be Damon.”

So fans what do you guys think? What do YOU want to see in Season 3?

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