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So it appears that the cast and crew of The Vampire Diaries are back in Atlanta and are to start filming or at least working on the new season starting today!

There have been various mentions of it on twitter.

@paulwesley A lovely morning with mr smolderpants, mr morgan and ms Nina.

@iansomerhalder Wheels down-LALA.Much to do VD starting tomorrow!Night you awesome people!

@HeyJude012 All the vamps in the house. Woot woot. And so S3 begins.. (CW Publicity)

I am so thrilled! Anyone else excited?

3 Responses to “Season Three Here We Come!”

can’t wait to see paul again on vd on anywhere else

Jul 07, 11 at 5:12 pm

Man I love all of your acting you guys r the best!!!!! I love vd it’s the best show have fun filming in Atlanta can’t wait to see the premiere!!!!!!!! (:

Jul 07, 11 at 9:48 pm

Paul your so cute as well as Ian is hot !!!!!!!!!!

Jul 07, 11 at 9:49 pm

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