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May 11, 11 Ali   Guest Appearances, Video Comments Off on ‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Paul Wesley: ‘You Will See More Bad Stefan’

This week Paul did an interview with Ryan Seacrest as a guest for Hunk Week.

The first guest of “Hunk Week” invited to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” is “The Vampire Diaries” star Paul Wesley who plays ‘Stefan’ to talk about the hit CW show’s finale and what we can possibly expect from Stefan.

Paul reflects on the first time he was asked to bite a fan saying, “The girl was utterly repulsed. I slobbered on her arm. It was very uncomfortable. I don’t think you want me slobbering on you.”

When asked about his character Paul says “I think he’s [Stefan] is a good guy, but I think he has some darkness inside of him…I’ve done some bad things.” He admits though, “I think it’s always more fun to play the bad boy. You will see more ‘bad Stefan.’ I think you will be very happy with it!”

Although Paul may not play the bad guy in “The Vampire Diaries,” he sure acts the funny one in real life! After CW shows being dubbed ‘whisper shows,’ Paul jokes, “it’s in my contract that i have to whisper. If i go above a certain octave, I get electrocuted.”

Be sure to tune in to “The Vampire Diaries” finale Thursday, May 12th, on the CW @ 8/7c.

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