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Apr 06, 11 Ali   Twitter Comments Off on Who convinced Paul to start tweeting?

TV Squad recently visited the set of The Vampire Diaries and talked to the cast about twitter and who is ultimately responsible for Paul decided to finally get a twitter account. Thought this was fun!

“I think the Dalai Lama came to set and explained to Paul that it was for charitable purposes that he had to be on Twitter,” Ian said. “I mean, obviously aliens have invaded his mind,” Kat joked. “I was shocked, I didn’t believe him, and then he started following me,” said Nina. “I give him sh– about it all the time.”

Then Zach chimed in about what it would take to get the last of the cast’s Twitter hold-outs, Steven McQueen, to join, but Steven doesn’t seem so convinced: “I personally don’t really understand what Twitter is.”

Yeah, this is pretty much the cast at their most adorable, and they didn’t stop at 140 characters. There’s also Ian’s hilarious impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger, confessions about random people they follow and Kat’s shocked reaction to finding out about Paul tweeting. (Guess they aren’t following each other yet …)

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