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Apr 08, 11 Ali   Paul, Vampire Diaries, Video Comments Off on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley: ‘I want a bromance!’

By Carina Adly MacKenzie

Hey, “Vampire Diaries” writers… Paul Wesley thinks it’s Stefan’s turn for a bromance.

Sure, he’s got Elena, but what’s a guy do do without some dudes in his life, too? “I want a bromance with Matt,” Wesley joked when we caught up with him on set. “We can go to the movies. We can go see all kinds of flicks together, vampire flicks. Good times.”

Stefan might be a little too busy for guy time at the movie theater in upcoming weeks. When the show returns on April 7, we’ll see the fall-out from Isobel’s arrival in Mystic Falls. She and John aren’t happy with Stefan’s relationship with their biological daughter, Elena, and they’re going to do whatever it takes to get him and Damon out of her life.

“I’m pretty sure that Stefan could take Isobel pretty easily,” Wesley laughs. “I give Stefan more credit than that. It’s an interesting thing for Isobel to come back because for so long Elena’s been in Mystic Falls and she’s been the daughter of these two people that passed away in the car accident, and it’s kind of like when [Isobel] comes back she stirs the pot.”

She also stirs the pot for Katherine, who swears allegiance to the Salvatore brothers in the upcoming episode. But can she be trusted? “No, never,” he says. “Don’t ask rhetorical questions! The minute you trust Katherine is when she betrays you. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the way they write the character. The minute you think she’s in love with Stefan, she says something to Damon to make him think that he’s in love with her. That’s sort of her forte.”

Of course, the Salvatore brothers don’t really care who Katherine is in love with at the moment. Both Stefan and Damon have all of their attention focused on Elena, and in the April 28 episode, the whole “Delena vs. Stelena” fight will come to a head on screen. When their fight turns physical, Damon might just be surprised by Stefan.

“He has been drinking blood, slowly, every day, to gain strength,” Wesley says. “We’ve sort of set up the fact that if it were to come down to a physical altercation, and Stefan does kick some ass, it’s not completely out of left field. He’s been in the gym.”

Yes, vamp fans, it looks like Stefan’s going to win this fight.

As for the blood drinking issue — we already know Wesley loved shooting those flashback scenes when Stefan was essentially 1864 vampire Charlie Sheen. He’s hoping we’ll see more of that wild junkie side from Stefan in the future.

“I think that it’ll be something that the writers will explore,” he says. “I enjoy that. I know he did it a little bit in Season 1 in present day, but he was very guilt-ridden whilst doing it. I just feel like if something happens and Stefan flies off the handle, which is so inevitable, it’d be crazy if he just sort of became consumed in this dark side with no guilt, just committed to it. I have a sociopathic side, I have a dark sociopathic side that’s dying to live through Stefan.”

We spoke with Nina Dobrev about the possibility of Elena turning into a vampire. After all, Klaus would no longer be able to use her in his sacrifice if she did turn. We figured we’d get Wesley’s two cents on the issue, too.

“On the positive side, we can be in love forever, do this forever, and be happy forever,” he says. “If we’re going to speak from a really logical sense, it’s difficult for me to not understand why Elena would want to be a vampire. Because, look, if it gets really bad and you’re really bored and you start fighting, just take the ring off. Step into the sun.”

From Stefan’s point of view, it’s a little bit more complicated. “There’s a torturous side to being a vampire, and it’s this guilt-ridden, tortured dark place that can manifest inside of you. Stefan’s seen the worst of it, the darkest parts, so he knows that Elena would have to endure it, and that would be selfish of him to want to impose that upon her.”

Watch our full video interview below for more from Wesley — including his thoughts on the undeniable chemistry between Stefan and Caroline, and his brand new Twitter presence. (“I enjoy the idea of making a fool out of myself publicly,” he says. “I had to really think about it. I sort of thought about it… for two years… and realized that the pros outweighed the cons.”)


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