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Apr 15, 11 Ali   Vampire Diaries Comments Off on OH MY!

Okay I am going to talk about last night and my feelings on the show. If you haven’t watched yet, be warned I may give away some of the story!

First off, so glad that Bonnie is alive and well. I love how Kat plays her and would be so sad to see her go! I will say the twist of that whole situation with her and Klaus had me on the edge of my seat. And right as she finished looking at Elena and fell to the floor my stupid CW provider switched over to That 70s Show! What is up with that! I had to go and find it online to watch so I could know what happened. I thought I was going to die with anticipation!

I am curious as to what Elena is up to with Elijah … that girl never ceases to surprise me. I am sure Mr. Stefan & Mr. Damon are not going to be so happy with her and her plans.

And I am wondering what they have in store for the Matt/Caroline/Sheriff Forbes storyline. Hmmmm …

Anyway Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec are doing an amazing job and I have to say I LOVE THIS SHOW!

I put up next week’s synopsis on the side bar along with the preview of “Klaus” for you all to enjoy!

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