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Apr 09, 11 Ali   Paul Comments Off on From their Lips

I normally do not post about Paul’s relationship but since both he and Torrey have mentioned it in interviews lately I thought I would share. Paul is currently dating Pretty Little Liar’s actress Torrey DeVitto. This first part is from an interview she did with the NY Post’s PopWrap.

PopWrap: With “PLL” filming in California and “Vampire Diaries” in Georgia, is it hard being away from your boyfriend, Paul Wesley?
Torrey: My dad is a drummer who worked with Billy Joel for 30 years, so he was constantly on tour and I always traveled growing up. It’s kind of been a way of life for me, so it’s rather fitting that is the way things are now. And when you get into this business, you know that anything can be thrown at you at any time, you just have to go with the flow.

PopWrap: His fanbase is incredibly rabid — have you had any awkward encounters with “VD” fans?
Torrey: No, none. Not so far, I haven’t had any 14-year-old girls try to take me out yet, so that’s a good thing. I think it’s endearing and cute and embrace the whole thing.

Paul was recently interviewed by TV Guide and when asked about her he simply said:

“I’m lucky to be with her.”

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