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Mar 02, 11 Ali   Vampire Diaries Comments Off on ‘The Vampire Diaries’: It’s time for another decade dance! What’s everyone wearing?

By Carina Adly MacKenzie

The last time “The Vampire Diaries” had a Decade Dance, our favorite Mystic Falls High kids put on their poodle skirts for the ’50s. The first Decade Dance brought us Stefan’s rather impressive dance moves, Elena’s bump-it hair, and a first kiss for Matt and Caroline… plus a little death and a lot of angst.

In the April 14 episode, it’s time for another Decade Dance. (Does that mean a year has passed in Mystic Falls time since “Unpleasantville”? Don’t try to find out — you’ll only hurt your brain.) This time, we’re in the ’60s!

So now begins our investigation of the most important part of a school dance… what is everyone wearing? Ian Somerhalder shares that Damon will be in some leather pants, much to the chagrin of fangirls everywhere, we’re sure — though we’re not sure if he’s wearing the pants just for the thrill of it, or because he’s attending yet another high school dance. We can expect Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) to be in suits with a ’60s twist (flared pants are a definite possibility), and a recent Twitpic courtesy of Nina Dobrev (pictured with an extra) revealed some of Elena’s sassy purple costume… or is it Katherine’s? The skirt is pretty short, but Elena’s been more daring lately, so it’s a hard call. She looks fierce regardless.

Caroline (Candice Accola), who had quite an eventful evening in the most recent episode, will be wearing Jackie Kennedy’s famous pink suit and pillbox hat. (It’s like she’s just begging to end the night blood-spattered.) Will Matt (Zach Roerig) be around to play her JFK? Signs point to yes, though we’re still wondering how she’ll get him to calm down after she finally filled him in on her vampire condition. Compulsion? The power of love? Your guess is as good as ours.

One thing we can say for sure… Tyler (Michael Trevino) won’t be there. It’s a shame — what does a wolf wear to a swingin’ ’60s party, anyway?

What are you hoping to see happen at the Decade Dance? Since Klaus comes to town the following week, it’s likely Elena’s last chance at a fun evening out for a while… but we know how those go in Mystic Falls.

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