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By Carina Adly MacKenzie

With a cast as fun as “The Vampire Diaries” regulars are, there’s no end to the silly behind-the-scenes stories. We were on set with Zap2it’s good friend Catalina Walsh as she got the backstage scoop from all your favorite stars.

Paul Wesley, who was happy to do interviews despite having to come to work on crutches due to a badly sprained ankle, laughs, “It’ll be interesting to see a Season 2 gag reel. On this set, we have fun, but we also take it really seriously, too. It’s been so intense and we want to make it good so I can’t think of any moments off the top of my head that are hilarious. We’re always playing pranks on each other. That’s incessant.”

Sara Canning, whose character Jenna met the wrong end of a knife this season, dished on working with special effects blood. “When I shot my scene where Jenna stabs herself, we only did two takes, and the first one he rigged up the tube inside my dress so that the blood would start spurting out of my stomach, and it was like a lake of blood,” she laughs. “There’s a science to it. Someone was lying behind the counter using a hand pump to pump the blood.”

Kat Graham spilled some secrets about Steven R. McQueen’s suave romantic moves during a key scene between Bonnie and Jeremy, too.

“When Jeremy almost kisses me,” she says, “that wasn’t in the script. He wasn’t supposed to do that! That was a funny moment. I was kind of like, oh, okay! This is good. This will work.”

For more from McQueen and dish from everyone’s favorite bad boy, Ian Somerhalder, check out the video below.


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