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Nov 07, 10 Ali   Career Comments Off on “BENEATH THE BLUE” Theatrical Event Campaign

Doug Kluthe, Co-Founder with Evan Saxon, of D&E Entertainment ( announced today, a schedule of movie theater “premiere events” to launch the release of “BENEATH THE BLUE,” a PG rated, action-adventure feature film about an undercover Naval officer, a beautiful, young dolphin researcher and their heart-warming/heart-breaking romance.

Kluthe said, “D&E Entertainment has developed a highly effective Social Media Optimization campaign strategy that focuses the attention of D&E’s national media relations staff and an opt-in fan-data-base for entertainment product. Now, D&E evolves with the theatrical launch of full-length feature films for the ‘electronic download’ and Home Video markets.

Evan Saxon, partner at D&E, added, “Our strategy of fan-based communication and targeting groups demographically enabled the filmmakers hundreds of thousands of opt-in fan-girl followers of PAUL WESLEY… as well as dolphin-advocacy groups and wildlife conservationists.”

The film’s director, Michael D. Sellers, addressed the controversial issue as told in the story of “BENEATH THE BLUE” regarding the U.S. Navy’s use of Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFA) and the alleged damage caused to dolphins and other cetaceans. “In portraying the conflict over active sonar and its effects on dolphins, I was determined that the film would represent the conflict between the Navy and dolphin researchers, responsibly and in a scientifically accurate way.”

Doug Kluthe concluded, “You can see ‘BENEATH THE BLUE’ in select theaters by going to ( and entering your Zip code. Join us tonight or on Sunday for the party!!!” (see “premiere site” for local listings)

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