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Oct 11, 10 Ali   Vampire Diaries Comments Off on New York Comic Con

Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec and some of the cast of the Vampire Diaries attended the New York Comic Con this weekend. And thanks to Zap2It we have some fun new info!

Are Stefan & Matt Friends?
“Stefan’s got too many issues for Matt,” Zach Roerig (Matt) says. “Matt does not have the time to listen to all that. He’s like ‘Just be a man already, come on.’ I don’t think Matt could put up with all that.”

Their friendship will grow out of a common purpose, Williamson says. “They’re both good people, they’re both good guys with good moral compasses and they have a mutual respect for each other. I think [Matt recognizes] the protector in Stefan.”

Roerig agrees, “My character’s going to stand beside anyone that’s really going to truly love and protect Elena. That’s all Matt cares about.”

What is ahead for Stefan & Elena?
In the most recent episode, Elena offered Stefan her blood. “That’s a beautiful commitment in their relationship,” Plec says. “It’s kind of like a monogamy commitment in a way. It’s a little cheesy and it’s very perverse, but I thought it was kind of beautiful and special. Their relationship as of that moment has never been stronger.” It won’t last long, though. “The problem is all the damage that Katherine’s been doing in [Elena’s] psyche and in in Stefan’s psyche. We’re going to start to see the cracks in the longevity of their happiness.”

Who does Elena end up with?
Last season, Williamson and Plec said in an interview that Stefan and Elena are soulmates, and many fans took that to mean that the couple will definitely be together in the end. Williamson says that there are no guarantees. “You don’t always end up with your soulmate,” he says. “There’s a definition of the soulmate that to me goes a lot bigger than the regular definition.” Later, on Twitter, he clarified: “These characters need to find their souls first. Mates will come later.”

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