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Sep 15, 10 Ali   Vampire Diaries Comments Off on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Soundtrack: We’ve Heard It!
by Jean Bentley

Music is as integral to ” The Vampire Diaries” as Damon’s quippy dialogue. So when we found out that The CW was releasing an album of music from the show, we were pretty psyched.

“The Vampire Diaries” soundtrack doesn’t come out until Oct. 12, but since we are a bunch of lucky ducks here at Hollywood Crush, we got an early listen. How do the tracks fit into the Mystic Falls universe? And how does the music stack up to the soundtrack of another teen vampire franchise?

Interestingly—and happily—the “Vampire Diaries” soundtrack is able to distance itself from the “Twilight” soundtrack very well. It really does have a completely different sound. Instead of piles of bombast with a hint of indie rock, it’s electro-tinged pop with a healthy dose of singer-songwriter acoustic guitars and piano on the side. In fact, it reminds us of old-school WB soundtracks of yore—that’s probably the Kevin Williamson/”Dawson’s Creek” influence.

The lead single, “Obsession” by Sky Ferreira, is the least “Vampire Diaries”-sounding track on the whole album. It’s a little too poppy, and hard to picture where the song would be placed in an episode aside from the commercial promos leading up to the show. Though it’s a catchy song, it’s just not haunting enough to remind us of vampires.

Highlights include the piano-driven lament “Bloodstream,” the Tears for Fears cover “Head Over Heels,” which sounds as if The Bird and the Bee went goth, and the acoustic guitar/piano track with boy/girl harmonies, “Down.” The instrumental tracks, “Stefan’s Theme” and “1864,” also perfectly encapsulate “Vampire Diaries” in song.

Some songs even remind us of specific scenes. “All You Wanted” would be perfect if used when Elena and Stefan fight, then make up and share a tender moment in the rain. “On Melancholy Hill” is ideal beginning-of-episode music, and “We Radiate” somehow just makes us picture Damon shirtless. (Though that last one could just be because picturing Damon shirtless is a fun thing to do.)

Will you be picking up the “Vampire Diaries” soundtrack when it drops Oct. 12?

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