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Sep 10, 10 Ali   Vampire Diaries Comments Off on Ian Somerhalder talks about Season 2

Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon has done a bunch of new interviews and talks about Season Two of the Vampire Diaries and thought you might enjoy!

Is there anything you can tell us about the new season without giving away any spoilers?
Katherine comes back and I’ve been eagerly awaiting Katherine despite the fact that it’s going to make Damon’s life harder. Katherine presents a plethora of problems because she’s a threat to everyone. She can kill anyone of us in the blink of an eye and that poses a very serious problem. I think that the Lockwood family is also going to pose pretty serious problems for the Salvatores. [With the ability to dive back into time], you get the assemblage of the events that lead up to right now. You get to see normal high school kids sort of battling these ultra supernatural issues. It’s going to be cool.

What can we look forward to from Damon this season?
Some changes. Changes in the sense that in the season finale, Damon raised the question that he came to this town with the intention of destroying everyone and now [things have changed]. He started building relationships and when we forge relationships, we raise the stakes, and I think having said that he’s not as hell bent on destroying the town this season. He and his brother are going to discover a few problems, outside of Elena, and they’re going to have to bind together to protect what they love and to protect each other.

Can you tell us about a scene you worked on recently?
This episode (five) in particular really deals with Damon and Stefan having to kind of come together, set aside their differences. Look, at the end of the day they’re brothers. Any chance that Damon had to kill Stefan and vice versa — they didn’t. Because deep down they love each other… they’re going to be forced to put their differences aside and make sure that the greater goal is achieved: Which is protecting the town, protecting Elena, protecting themselves. They have to protect themselves in order to make sure really bad things don’t go down.

Paul (Wesley) and I actually just did a scene … we’re in a beautiful location outside and … in the beginning of the scene, I was furious and kind of off the handle. But at the end of it, Stefan and Damon actually agreed on something and it was such an odd moment for Stefan to say something and for Damon to actually agree.

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