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Aug 11, 10 Ali   Paul, Vampire Diaries Comments Off on ‘Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley Teases: Katherine Is Capable of Pulling Stefan Away From Elena

With all the hooplah surrounding Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) feelings for Katherine (Nina Dobrev) on “Vampire Diaries”, it’s sometimes easy to forget that he wasn’t the only Salvatore brother to fall prey to her charms.

While Stefan (Paul Wesley) may claim to be madly in love with Elena, once upon a time he only had eyes for her…um, look-alike. So obviously, we couldn’t help but wonder how Katherine’s return would affect him. Our interest was really peaked though when we caught a season two preview clip at Comic-Con, in which Katherine tells Stefan she loves him, only to stab him right after (hey, love hurts right?).

“So, she tells me she loves me and then stabs me ? what’s going on there?,” Paul said. That’s what we’d like to know!

Paul implied that Stefan won’t be able to entirely resist his former flame.

“Initially, he’s repulsed by it and then I think he was once in love with her to a certain extent ? whether she manipulated him or not? but she’s super powerful and capable of pulling Stefan away from Elena a little bit and I think it will be interesting to explore that.”

Hm, a little Katherine-Stefan action could certainly be interesting and setup the “love square” (between Katherine/Stefan/Elana/Damon) that we’ve been hearing about these past few months. P.s. Can we just say that Nina is kinda the luckiest.girl.ever since she gets to play the love interest to both our “VD” hotties?

But if you think the return of Katherine will send Stefan into another downward spiral — think again. Our boy’s finally embracing this little thing called happiness.

“I think what I look forward to with Stefan is that he gets rid of his guilt, gets rid of the dark cloud that he has hanging over him with being a vampire,” said Paul. “I think he’s going to explore different parts of his personality that will make him happy at times and jovial and instinctive.”

A happy Stefan? Don’t mind if we do.

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