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Aug 11, 10 Ali   Events, Paul, Video Comments Off on Teen Choice 2010: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley doesn’t Twitter?

by Elizabeth Snead

Our guess is that “Vampire Diaries” star Paul Wesley probably already knew he was gonna win the Male Breakout Star award at the Teen Choice Awards when we caught up with him before the show taped on Sunday (Aug 8).

That could explain why he was acting all cool and collected when he was text messaging (“cliched”, he admitted) on the carpet.

Paul teased us about what’s going on with his character (a lot of “growth,” getting “tougher”) and the show (Catherine is back, werewolves are a-coming), and what a great time he’s having and how it’s changed his life dramatically.

He also talked about how hot it is on the VD set in Atlanta and he actually scoffed, yes, scoffed, at the heat at Universal Studios on the hottest LA day of 2010.

“This is the the hottest day of the year?,” he asked. “This is nothing!”

We were however, a little dismayed that he doesn’t have a Twitter account yet. We thought everyone on “Vampire Diaries” was a Twitter freak!

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