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Jan 10, 10 Ali   Vampire Diaries Comments Off on The Big Scoop on the Second Half of the ‘Vampire Diaries’ Season One

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By Carl Cortez

The hit CW show promises more changes as Elena and Damon find some common ground in upcoming episodes

LOCATION: Mystic Falls

THE SKINNY: At today’s Winter TCA press tour sessions for The CW, iF got the scoop on what to expect during the second half of Season One of their new hit show THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

As for the recent IMDB post about Elena (Nina Dobrev) becoming a vampire, executive producer Kevin Williamson says that “it’s a fake, not even close.”

He further explains, someone went on there, extrapolating elements from the book series and crediting it to the TV show, which is not the case.

However, Katherine’s ressurrection and The Tomb “is still in play.”

“Damon [Ian Somerhalder] has an agenda and he’s going to save Katherine,” says Williamson.

Upcoming spoilers include an episode where Damon and Elena have some alone time.

“There’s no Stefan, it’s just the two of them and we see how their relationship develops as two people,” says Williamson.

In terms of a potential kiss between Damon and Elena, executive producer Julie Plec reveals, “The actress, Nina, has kissed Damon, but the character of Elena has not. In the next few episodes, we’ll get to see a little Damon/Katharine hot and heavy action.”

While the book series obviously was the inspiration for the show, Williamson also points out, it’s now taken a life of its own.

“The book has always inspired us,” he says. “If you’re a fan of the book, you see what we used and haven’t. We’re going into this tomb with Katharine among them, which isn’t in the book, but what’s in the book is Katharine. So there are elements of the book, we’re inspired by. Now the show is off and running, with a bunch of writers in a room, we’re off on our own.”

Paul Wesley is also excited to see Stefan explore more of his dark side.

“I feel Stefan is as much capable as the dark side as much as Damon,” he says. “It’s up to Kevin and Julie to explore, but I like to think that’s always there. First and foremost we’re vampires, but we have certain instincts we have to fulfil and we can’t run from.”

Williamson also wants to deal more with the level of trust lost between these two brothers.

“It’s destroyed every other aspect of their relationship and there’s a layer of betrayal that hangs between the two,” Williamson says. “We’re going to see how you why there’s no longer a layer of trust.”

Plec adds that “we’re also going to explore the flip-flop of the dynamic of the brothers. It’s so far been Stefan is taking care of Damon, and then something happens toward end of season where Damon has to step up and be the big brother.”

And finally, Williamson says Bonnie and Elena’s relationship will also be tested.

“She becomes very important to Damon to get that tomb open and Bonnie will have to make a choice,” says Williamson.

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