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July 14, 2015

MTV spoke with the cast of the Vampire Diaries at Comic Con and of course Nina Dobrev/Elena came up in the discussion!

Paul Wesley and co. explain why she could come back “like Jesus.”

Last spring, Nina Dobrev broke the hearts of millions when she revealed that the sixth season of “The Vampire Diaries” would be her last. But given how they ended things at the end of that season — with Dobrev’s character Elena sleeping in a coffin, her fate tied to Kat Graham’s character Bonnie’s — doesn’t that, in “TVD” land, essentially mean that she could come back any time she damn well pleases?

MTV News asked Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Michael Malarkey, Candice Accola and Graham this very question when they stopped by our San Diego Comic-Con studio on Saturday (July 11), and lucky for us, the answer was as good as we could have hoped for.

“She’s still there, dude,” Somerhalder joked. “She’s in a casket; she’s having a nap.”
“[Characters] die and come back,” Wesley added. “It’s like Jesus!”

Accola, more seriously, said “I think that’s what’s fun about this series. You never know when characters are going to leave, you never know when they’re going to come back. That’s been a constant for six seasons, now. So the fact that, for such a big departure, that it is left open-ended, is really true to the show.”

And what’s more, even while she’s sleeping, Malarkey concluded that “because the way it’s been done, she’s very much a presence in season seven.”

BOOM. Is anyone else way more excited for October 8, now?

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  • July 14, 2015

    Paul attended the EW Celebration on Saturday Night in San Diego.

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    Paul Wesley Web > 2015 > July 11 | Comic Con – Entertainment Weekly Celebration

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  • July 12, 2015

    Comic Con brings fans and celebs together but this year it brought together two of the CW favorite sets of brothers … The Salvatores and the Winchesters!

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    Paul Wesley Web > 2015 > July 11 | Comic Con – The Salvatores & The Winchesters

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  • July 11, 2015

    It’s finally Comic-Con week and Warner Bros. Television talent are just as excited as the fans! They’ll have lots to say at their panels at SDCC, but for now…they’re expressing their excitement in just three words.

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  • July 11, 2015

    So Paul and Ian are doing an interview with Kristin Dos Santos for E!Online and Kristin gave us a sneak peek! HA HA!

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  • June 24, 2015

    Added some new stills to the gallery of Paul in his role in the film Amira & Sam.

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    Paul Wesley Web > FILMS > 2014 | Amira & Sam > Production Stills

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  • June 12, 2015

    At last weekend’s ATX Television Festival Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec spoke on a panel and discussed somethings we didn’t know before about The Vampire Diaries. TVLine gives us a rundown.

    Vampire Diaries masterminds Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec convened at the ATX Television Festival on Sunday to reminisce about their 15-year working relationship — and ended up dropping some serious gems for TVD fans.

    Here are seven of our favorite revelations, both about the CW drama’s history and what’s still to come.

    * Williamson initially balked at the idea of making a show based on LJ Smith’s Vampire Diaries books; he wanted to make something that was more Dark Shadows, less Twilight.

    * The show looked very different in its early, pre-pilot days. While figuring out what it was going to be, Williamson and Plec even toyed around with the idea of a gargoyle that comes to life. (Editor’s note: This is all I can think about.)

    * Everything really started to click for Williamson, specifically the show’s voice, while he was writing one of Stefan’s monologues in Episode 2 of Season 1.

    * The decision to have Damon (temporarily) kill Jeremy at the top of Season 2 was born because the producers realized he’d become “too heroic, too quickly.” This allowed them to slow that process down.

    * Plec spoke with Chris Wood (Kai) about becoming a series regular, but it was their mutual decision to keep him an irredeemable villain.

    * By now, we’ve all heard about a “darker” Damon in Season 7, but as Plec explains, he’s simply going to have the “freedom to be messier with his choices” without Elena.

    * Following the departure of Nina Dobrev, Season 7 is also going to explore a concept Williamson believes the show has always been about: “finding family.”

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  • May 17, 2015

    Paul shared his feelings on the exit of his The Vampire Diaries co-star Nina Dobrev from the show with while attending the Humane Society Gala last night.

    With the exit of star Nina Dobrev, many The Vampire Diaries fans are wondering what’s next for the show – and Dobrev’s costar Paul Wesley is right there with them.

    “Obviously there’s a great nostalgia. It’s never going to be the same,” Wesley, 32, told PEOPLE at The Humane Society of the United State’s Los Angeles Gala on Saturday night.

    “I have no idea what they’re going to do next year, literally. Apparently they have a plan. I don’t know what the plan is. It’s going to be really interesting. It will be interesting to see what they come up with for the brothers.”

    But Wesley, who was clad in a Penguin suit for the gala, says Dobrev is happy to be moving on.

    “I know that she’s really happy. I know that she wants to move on and start a new chapter of her life which is entirely respectable,” he says.

    But is Dobrev’s departure just the first of several to come, including Wesley’s himself?

    “I think everything has to come to an end, man. First of all I’m playing a 17-year-old. I’m 32 years old,” he says.

    “So theoretically, if I were to stay on the show for say three more years, I would be a 35 year old playing a 17-year-old, which is almost double. It’s more than double. It’s literally more than double!”

    Even though Wesley’s future on the series may be in question, one thing is not – his dedication to ending factory farming. Wesley flew in directly from New York to attend the event and discuss the issue.

    “I’ve always had issues with factory farming. That was always something that bothered me,” Wesley told reporters at the event. “I feel that I’m in a position in my life where I have an outreach globally and domestically. And I feel like it’s my duty to, I don’t know, I don’t want to say preach it, but spread the word about the horrendous conditions that exist.”

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