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Alaric and Jo reluctantly participate in their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Meanwhile, Elena turns to Bonnie and Jo for advice over Damon’s impulsive offer; Enzo asks Stefan to help Lily who is on a dangerous downward spiral; and Matt gets fed up with the supernatural threats that plague the town and takes his frustration out […]

April 16, 15 | Author: | Comments Off on Next on the Vampire Diaries – Because

Damon struggles with whether to tell Elena about the cure and talks to her about what life would be like if they weren’t vampires. Meanwhile, Bonnie discovers Damon betrayed her trust; and Enzo learns the truth about the day he was turned into a vampire.

April 12, 15 | Author: | Comments Off on This Week on The Vampire Diaries | I Could Never Love Like That

So excited that The Vampire Diaries is back this week! Here is the promo for I Could Never Love Like That. Stefan and Caroline wreak havoc at Whitmore when their humanity is turned off. Damon comes up with a risky plan to stop them that involves Lily. Meanwhile, Elena reevaluates her life as a vampire […]

February 22, 15 | Author: | Comments Off on Next on the Vampire Daries | The Downward Spiral

I am interested to see what this new version of Caroline means for her and Stefan! Sadly we have to wait until March 12th to watch!

February 14, 15 | Author: | Comments Off on Next on The Vampire Diaries | Let Her Go

Elena becomes concerned when she notices a strange change in Caroline’s behavior; Alaric gets wary when Kai turns to Jo for help; Matt and Tyler contemplate a major life change; Damon deals with painful memories involving his mother; Bonnie finds herself in an unfamiliar situation.

January 29, 15 | Author: | Comments Off on A new trailer for Amira & Sam
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This week Paul did an appearance on the series “The Talk” … here is a clip of his interview on the show where he talked about his new film Amira & Sam. Actor Paul Wesley shares behind-the-scenes stories from the set of “The Vampire Diaries.” He also discusses his upcoming indie romantic dramedy, “Amira & […]

January 23, 15 | Author: | Comments Off on Next on the Vampire Diaries | Prayer For the Dying

When Liv and Luke’s father arrives to town to celebrate their birthday, they try and convince him to let Jo and Kai take their place in the merge ceremony. After Tyler finds out that the merge is happening sooner than he expected, he urges Liv to let him talk to her father. Meanwhile, after Caroline’s […]