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May 23, 11   Ali   Comments Off on Free Entertainment on Twitter

If you missed out last night there was some good times to be had on twitter thanks to Mr. Paul Wesley and the equally humourous Mr. Daniel Gillies. Here is a snip of their conversation. Mr HolyMonster Hey @paulwesley. Quick question. When can I start calling you ‘cupcake’ publicly? We said June, right? PaulWesley @mrholymonster […]

May 01, 11   Ali   Comments Off on Let’s Trend!

So some of the Paul fans decided that Paul deserves to trend, so tonight we are going to get together at 7:30 PM EST to trend #PaulWesley Go check out our feed for more info! @pwesleyweb Edit: Unfortunately we weren’t able to get Paul trending! But I want to thank all the fans that helped […]

Apr 06, 11   Ali   Comments Off on Who convinced Paul to start tweeting?

TV Squad recently visited the set of The Vampire Diaries and talked to the cast about twitter and who is ultimately responsible for Paul decided to finally get a twitter account. Thought this was fun! “I think the Dalai Lama came to set and explained to Paul that it was for charitable purposes that he […]

Mar 14, 11   Ali   Comments Off on Paul joins Twitter

Well it seems that Paul has finally decided to open a twitter account! Normally I wouldn’t believe it but Paul’s co-star Candice Accola posted it. So go say hey and follow him at

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