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January 29, 15 | Author: | Comments Off on Paul on the Talk

This week Paul did an appearance on the series “The Talk” … here is a clip of his interview on the show where he talked about his new film Amira & Sam. Actor Paul Wesley shares behind-the-scenes stories from the set of “The Vampire Diaries.” He also discusses his upcoming indie romantic dramedy, “Amira & […]

January 2, 15 | Author: | Comments Off on Paul Wesley Talks Before I Disappear

Shockya has a new exclusive interview with Paul about his new film Before I Disappear. Enduring a dramatically intense and drastic situation with someone who has played a major part in the shaping of your past, present and future can not only strengthen your bond and make you better understand each other, but can also […]

October 31, 14 | Author: | Comments Off on Interview’s Q & ANDY: PAUL WESLEY

Paul did a Q&A with Andy Warhol for Interview Magazine! New Jersey-native Paul Wesley is a rather busy man. The 32-year-old actor spends much of the year filming The Vampire Diaries in Georgia, a CW show on which he has played the brooding vampire heartthrob Stefan Salvatore since 2009. Over the last year he’s also […]

September 14, 14 | Author: | Comments Off on My Dinner Date with…Paul Wesley

Okay if you haven’t watched this yet … you NEED to! Love Paul & his sense of humor!

July 28, 14 | Author: | Comments Off on What Does Paul Wesley Really Think of Ian Somerhalder? asked Paul five questions including what he really thinks about Mr. Somerhalder! The Vampire Diaries star gets it right when he sums up his onscreen bro in three almost-real words

April 15, 14 | Author: | Comments Off on Paul on Pix11

Today Paul was on Pix11 talking about his directorial debut on The Vampire Diaries. Known best for his work on CW’s “The Vampire Diaries,” Paul Wesley is now venturing behind the camera and onto the big screen. Wesley will make his directorial debut with Thursday’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” and his movie “Before I […]

April 4, 14 | Author: | Comments Off on Paul Wesley Sinks His Fangs Into Directing ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Paul spoke with the Wall Street Journal about his first experience directing. With just five days of filming left to complete season five of “The Vampire Diaries,” fan favorite Paul Wesley, better known as Stefan Salvatore, caught up with Speakeasy to discuss his directing debut. Fans will now get to see what their favorite vampire […]

November 17, 13 | Author: | Comments Off on Paul Wesley’s Love for TVD Fans & Favorite Stefan Memory

Dana Ward chatted with Paul Wesley at the 100th episode celebration for The Vampire Diaries about his favorite thing about TVD fans, his favorite Stefan Salvatore memory and what dating advice he’d give Stefan.