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October 24, 2015
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Paul & Candice talk to Entertainment Weekly about the new Love Triangle and the Valerie.

Here’s the thing about being an immortal vampire who’s more than 100 years old: You have a lot of baggage. And by baggage, I mean relationships.

As it was hinted at the end of last week’s Vampire Diaries, Stefan (Paul Wesley) has a history with one of Lily’s heretics. Specifically, he and Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) knew each other back in 1863 before the Salvatore brothers were forever changed by the love (and manipulation) of Katherine Pierce. And when Caroline (Candice King) learns more about Stefan and Valerie’s history, there’s a chance it could mess with things in her new relationship with present-day Stefan.

Long story short: Things are about to get complicated. So when EW visited the Vampire Diaries set, we got all three members of this new love triangle to talk about what’s to come with Stefan and his ladies.

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