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September 4, 2013
Ali   Comments Off on Paul Wesley on A Salvatore Power Shift, A Starving Stefan and More! Vampire Diaries, Video

TV Fanatic did this set interview with Paul talking about the new season and playing Silas!

What will be the state of Delena on The Vampire Diaries Season 5?

Ian Somerhalder answered that question in our exclusive interview with the actor on the Atlanta set of this CW smash.

But what about the state of Stefan and Damon’s relationship? Or Silas and Damon’s relationship, we should say, considering the former will be masquerading as the latter’s brother when we meet these siblings again on October 3?

In the following Q&A, Paul Wesley addresses a “power shift” that will take place between the brothers, while also speaking on the challenges and excitement of taking on a second character. As for Stefan? The guy is gonna be REALLY hungry when he finally escapes from that safe.


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