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December 12, 2011

Paul spoke with about how he believes that Klaus will never become one of the good guys.

While Paul Wesley has made no secret of his love for playing Evil Stefan over Good Stefan and while there’s always a possibility he might revert to the latter sometime this season, there’s one character the actor says will likely never show his sweeter side. “I don’t think Klaus is in any danger of ever becoming a good guy,” he tells EW. He will either stick around as a villain for quite a while or he’ll be sent out with a big bang. I don’t think we’ll ever convert Klaus into like one of the guys in Mystic Falls who works at the Mystic Grill flipping burgers. That would be a big mistake. He needs to be that big dark entity.” Additionally, Wesley teases that Klaus is “definitely still a huge part of the second half of the season,” and that he and Stefan will “continue to walk that fine line between friendship and foe.” “There’s things we need from him and there’s things he needs from us. It’s that sort of back-and-forth for the rest of the season,” he says.

2 Responses to “‘Klaus won’t become a good guy’”

I want the good stefan back!!

January 15, 12 • 2:58 am