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May 23, 2011
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If you missed out last night there was some good times to be had on twitter thanks to Mr. Paul Wesley and the equally humourous Mr. Daniel Gillies.

Here is a snip of their conversation.

Mr HolyMonster Hey @paulwesley. Quick question. When can I start calling you ‘cupcake’ publicly? We said June, right?

PaulWesley @mrholymonster june 4th. our 2 month anniversary.

Mr HolyMonster @paulwesley and to be crystal clear: we’ve totally ruled out ‘Unicorn-on-the-cob’, ‘Cuddlesocks’ and ‘Twinkle Town’, correct?

PaulWesley @mrholymonster we agreed unicorn on the cob would draw too much attention in public.

Mr HolyMonster @paulwesley Sorry. I thought you meant the mandatory costume which (fabulously) accompanies the title.

PaulWesley @mrholymonster understandable. easy mistake.

For more fun be sure to follow them both (@paulwesley & @mrholymonster) on twitter!

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