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May 6, 2011

I have been putting off updating on last night’s episode because I am still in total shock. I guess I knew that it was going to happen but I was in denial about it. I personally am a huge Jenna fan, but when Stefan talked about taking her place I was like, “NO WAY!” Luckily he is still safe even though I am super sad about Jenna!

I have captured the episode from last night and added it to the gallery.
02×21 – The Sun Also Rises

2 Responses to “The Sun Also Rises”

Paul is in Baton Rouge, about to start filming a movie called “Stash House” with Briana Evigan. They will play a married couple. Check out my site to learn more ;)

I’d love to stay in touch with whoever runs this site as I like co-operating with Briana’s co-star’s fansites and exchange info and pics. Hope you’re well :)

May 7, 11 • 11:35 am

ooops sorry mistake. he’s not in the movie. sorry about that. i was given the wrong information.

May 7, 11 • 1:22 pm