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April 14, 2011
Ali   Comments Off on Candice Talks about Stefan & Caroline Co-Stars, Vampire Diaries

Candice Accola spoke with The New York Post’s Pop Wrap recently about the new episodes and this past season and about Caroline’s relatioship with Stefan.

PW: On that tip, the season one death of Lexi left a void in Stefan’s life that fans have really enjoyed watching Caroline fill this season. Have you?
Candice: Yea! I’ve loved those moments as well. I think both characters really needed the other. Right now, there’s not much opportunity to sit down and talk about their lives [laughs]. There’s a little bit more at stake right now. And while I’m pretty sure Stefan will survive this season, if Caroline makes it through this sacrifice, I hope they have more moments together and opportunities to see that friendship build.

PW: In a situation where it wouldn’t be a betrayal of Elena’s friendship, are you intrigued by the idea of Stefan and Caroline as a couple?
Candice: Oh man! I don’t know. I think that would be … hmm. I think there’s endless possibilities for the characters to be together or not be together. At this point there’s so many love triangles it’s like one big geometry problem [laughs]. It would depend on how the characters develop. I don’t think the audience has gotten a full perspective of Caroline because she’s only lived for 16-years — you never know how Caroline is going to develop, you never know who is going to go bad!

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